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The following are suggestions*:

(*It is always prudent to work with a plumber
or other individual experienced in winterization
as severe property damage can occur
as a result of improper winterization.)

  • Contact our office to have your water turned off at the curb box.
  • Drain all outdoor garden hoses, roll them up, and store them indoors to prevent them from cracking in the cold temperatures.
  • Drain all outside taps and wrap them with some type of insulating material.
  • Open all sink and shower / bath fixtures and allow them to run until all water has been drained.
  • Drain your hot water heater by opening the valve. Be sure the power or gas has first been turned off. (Note: this is good to do once per year, whether you are winterizing your plumbing or not.)
  • Flush and empty all toilet bowls and toilet tanks.
  • Remove and drain the sink traps and clean out plugs from all sinks. Then, replace each one and fill with a small amount of RV antifreeze. This works great for sink traps, but NEVER put antifreeze in your dishwasher, drinking system or washing machine!


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