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Flushing fire hydrants is an important part of the District's routine maintenance program...
~  it enhances water quality by removing sediments from inside the mainline
and flushing them out through the hydrant;

~  it identifies malfunctions of the hydrant and related valves;

~  it helps determine weaknesses in the water distribution system;

~  it identifies inadequate water volumes and pressures in the mainlines and helps determine fireflow adequacy.

Customers in the immediate area of the flushing activity may experience temporarily discolored water.
This water is safe for cooking, consumption, personal hygiene, and first aid;
however, laundry should be avoided until the water clears. 
Clearing should occur within a few hours after the flushing activity has ceased.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this process.


Flushing is complete in the District as of 6/15/2012.



Fire Hydrant Flushing Maps

Areas 1 - 6        (click here for PDF)

Areas 7 - 10      (click here for PDF)

Area 11             (click here for PDF)

Areas 12 - 14     (click here for PDF)

Area #1:

Meadow Way
Summit Glenn Road
Arbor Lane

Area #2:

Lakeland Hills Subdivision
Rolen Road
Hillview Estates Subdivision
Westview Drive
Summit Road ~ from Refugee Road to E. Main Street (US 40)

Area #3:

Royal Oaks Subdivision
Ballman Road
Ballman Square Road
Sycamore Creek Road
Mink Street ~ from Refugee Road to E. Main Street (US40)

Area #4:

Blueview Drive
Russell Heights Subdivision
Yonts Court
New England Acres Subdivision
Georgian Drive
French Lake Drive
Wolfcraft Drive
Goings Lane
Meadow Drive
Brook Drive
Wymer Avenue
Palmer Road ~ from Mink Street to Taylor Road
Taylor Road ~ from Palmer Road to E. Main Street (US40)

Area #5:

Mayflower Subdivision
Circle Drive
Prologis Industrial Park
Tollgate Road

Area #6:

Cumberland Trails Subdivision
Glen Crossing Subdivision
Orchard Glen Subdivision
Pepper Tree Subdivision
Lynns Road
West Street ~ Etna
Mechanic Street ~ Etna
Pike Street ~ west of Hazelton Etna Road (SR 310)
South Street ~ west of Hazelton Etna Road (SR 310)
Columbus Street ~ west of Hazelton Etna Road (SR310)
Columbus Parkway
Hazelton Etna Road (SR 310) ~ from Refugee Road to Interstate 70

Area #7:

Cameron Chase Subdivision
Hazelton Etna Road (SR310) ~ from E. Main Street (US40) to Stoney Ridge Drive

Area #8:

Smoke Road ~ from E. Main Street (US40) to Refugee Road

Area #9:

Brandy Mill Subdivision
Longwood Crossing Subdivision
Watkins Grove Subdivision
Jardin Manor Subdivision
Watkins Road ~ from I70 to Refugee Road
Refugee Road ~ from Watkins Road to Smoke Road

Area #10:

Zellers Acres Subdivision
York Road ~ from I70 to Refugee Road

Area #11:

York Road

Area #12:

Lexington Woods Subdivision
Beecher Road
Deeds Road
Warwood Drive
Roland Estates Subdivision
Outville Road ~ from Columbus Road (SR16) to Blacks Road

Area #13:

Brittnay Woods Subdivision
Ellington Village Subdivision
Ashcraft Drive
Joshua Lane
Columbus Road (SR16) ~ from York Road to Outville Road 

Area #14:

Cherokee Trails Subdivision
Columbus Road (SR16) ~ from Outville Road to Gale Road




















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