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The District's wastewater system has one (1) wastewater treatment facility located at 8720 Gale Road. The Gale Road Environmental Control Facility has a permitted capacity of 2.65 million gallons per day and discharges to the South Fork of the Licking River. The facility consists of an influent pump station, influent screen facility, oxidation ditch/extended aeration basin, four (4) final clarifiers, two (2) return activated sludge pump stations, post aeration, UV disinfection and sludge processing and storage facilities. The wastewater collection system consists of over 160 miles of sanitary sewers with manholes located approximately every 400 feet. Additionally, the District operates and maintains forty-three (43) wastewater pump stations.

The Phase I-A expansion to the Gale Road Environmental Control Facility was completed in 2002.
The District's Gale Road Environmental Control Facility discharges to the South Fork of the Licking River. The South Fork has an Ohio EPA approved assimilative capacity of 4.0 mgd.

The District has established policies to regulate significant industrial and commercial wastewater discharges to our collection system. These policies require execution of an Discharge Application and Pretreatment Survey, and submission for review.

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